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Dong Ou Hote

Hotel Description

Dong Ou Hotel Wenzhou, Wenzhou, east by Ou Construction Corporation with an investment of four-star tourist hotel, located in the city trunk road, Wenzhou Avenue, North and South Station is relatively new passenger car, adjacent to Wenzhou Railway Station Square East, west Oujiang Trade City, the traffic is very convenient. Hotel investment 170 million yuan, the total area of 25,700 square meters, 15-storey is set accommodation, catering, recreation, business, conference and leisure in a modern multi-functional hotel.

Dong Ou Hotel Wenzhou, with various rooms 246; new and tastefully decorated, comfortable and pleasant, central air conditioning, 24-hour hot water, telephones, closed-circuit satellite TV and VOD systems and Jacuzzis; luxurious and elegant lobby, lobby bar, quite distinctive. Dong Ou Hotel Wenzhou has 38 different styles of food boxes, a large banquet hall and the gorgeous and unique on-demand restaurants, wine food, Western is ready to provide different grades of zero, banquet, wedding, conference meals, snacks and self reception services, which can host more than 1,200 meals.

Dong Ou Hotel Wenzhou sauna facilities are first class, quiet, with luxury bath, 2 lounge, four break box, 14 boxes leisure, 6 VIP rooms, 15 massage rooms and a health district; Wenzhou Dong Ou Hotel other entertainment complete with KTV, dance hall, chess room, ping-pong room, billiard room, gym, tennis courts, etc., will greatly enrich the contents of your leisure pastime. To meet the various needs of guests, Dong Ou Hotel Wenzhou also has a capacity of 500 people and has a retractable multi-function hall and the stage of large and small conference rooms, meeting room, business center and shopping malls, beauty salon, parking lot, medical rooms and other facilities, and agency aircraft, train tickets and other services, you Juyou accommodation, conference business, an ideal place for recreation.

Bank: Lucheng Rural Cooperative Bank Development Zone Branch 

Account Name: Dong Ou Hotel Wenzhou Co. 

Account: 201000023027516


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